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Regulatory & Compliance Guides

Because your time is precious.

Fintech & Crypto

From a startup to a major corporation

Discover how to set up your fintech & crypto company, how to get the licence that suits you best, and how to implement regulatory provisions. Innovative ideas paired with a pragmatic implementation of regulatory requirements are the perfect soil for a long lasting success.

Preserving values while being innovative

Discover how to strengthen your current structures, how to streamline regulatory & compliance processes, and how to cover personnel bottlenecks in no time. A bank of excellent reputation deserves the best setup possible to be efficient, powerful, and confidently ready for the future.


Asset Manager

From a dusty image to a dynamic success story

Discover how to optimize processes, serve customers faster, and modernize your service offering. Combining tradition with new customer demand offers a promising outlook. Add an efficient system for regulation and compliance, and the setup is perfect.

The power of sharing knowledge

Discover how we pass on knowledge and how you can share knowledge with us. Sharing knowledge is the basis for new ideas, innovation, and mutual growth. Great things happen when we listen to and learn from each other.

Educational Institutions

RegTech & Software​

Meeting the potential of digitalization in compliance

Discover how to adjust your software solution to ensure efficient processes in line with regulatory requirements. The fusion of our in-depth practical experience, the feedback from a large number of clients, and your smart IT solution has the potential to satisfy a strong industry demand.

”We simplify regulatory processes to empower our clients to fulfil their vision.”

Meet the Team

While working at full speed on the JayBee mission, we are privileged to be able to count on a highly committed and fully dedicated team. Goal orientation, enthusiasm for efficiency and a hefty dose of tech-savviness are our key elements for best performance. This is how we ensure the success of JayBee’s mission to implement regulations and compliance in a modern way in order to empower our clients to fulfil their vision.