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Fintech & Crypto​

Creating the world of tomorrow

The future is now

Discover how to set up your fintech & crypto company, how to get the licence that suits you best, and how to implement regulatory provisions. Innovative ideas paired with a pragmatic implementation of regulatory requirements are the perfect soil for a long lasting success.

Just as the internet revolutionized the way we handle information, blockchain is revolutionizing the way we transfer assets.

Main Services for Fintech & Crypto

Company incorporation & setup

Bank account support (CH & abroad)

Business plan analysis & creation

SRO membership application, support

FINMA licensing, support

FINMA non-action letter (ruling)

Legal opinion, token classification & prospectus

SAFT agreement & contractual documents

Regulatory, legal & compliance advice

Risk & compliance framework

Cross-border framework

Outsourcing AML, risk & compliance function

RegTech tool evaluation & implementation

Staff & directors recruiting

Training & education

Company sales and fundraising support