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Banking Institutions

a Long term commitment

Key pillars of the financial industry

Discover how to strengthen your current structures, how to streamline regulatory & compliance processes, and how to cover personnel bottlenecks in no time. A bank of excellent reputation deserves the best setup possible to be efficient, powerful, and confidently ready for the future.

The only constant is change. Therefore, adapting to change is essential.

Main Services for Banking Institutions

Risk & compliance process optimisation

RegTech tool evaluation & implementation

Project management (incl. remediation projects)

Project audit & supervision

Crypto offering & risk analysis FINMA

Crypto wallet screening & risk report

Enhanced due diligence report (incl. crypto)

Legal opinion & contractual documents

Regulatory, legal & compliance advice

FINMA non-action letter (ruling)

Risk & compliance framework

Cross-border framework

Outsourcing AML, risk & compliance function

Staff lending & recruiting

Training & education

Company sales and fundraising support