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Efficiency is key

Desires are infinite, but resources are limited. JayBee’s core mission is minimizing the use of our clients’ resources while generating maximum output so that our clients can fulfil their vision successfully. JayBee takes a risk-based approach, applies its expertise in mitigating regulatory risks and advocates for a pragmatic implementation of regulatory and compliance provisions.

We are fully aware that doing too much can be just as harmful as not doing enough.

Everyday challenges keep us on our toes and don’t leave much room for creativity and innovation. That makes it all the more important to create room to breathe and refocus.

Success comes when you do what you love.

If we keep ourselves busy with tasks that are not part of our core competencies, we may become smarter, but also slower. To strengthen your own focus, it is advisable to make use of specialists and stick to the tasks you are enjoying.

We take care of the legwork while our clients are focussing on their vision.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular:

  •  Turnkey ready registered companies (start-up)
  • Turnkey ready companies with SRO membership (start-up)
  • Introduction to registered companies for sale
  • Introduction to licensed companies for sale

Turnkey ready companies are offered including relevant service provider, Swiss account & outsourcing setup in compliance and accounting.

Ask for ready-to-start offers.


The first step to implementing a promising business case is to establish a legal entity. In doing so, consideration shall be given to the realities of the business model and future plans.

A strong partner takes all aspects of setting up a business into account.

The initial setup is the basement of a company. Therefore, the right people should be deployed in the right place at the right time. A solid foundation reduces future coordination losses and allows business to be built up efficiently.

Our goal is that you will enjoy your company in the long term.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Advise on legal form to be chosen
  • Finding a suitable domicile
  • Finding suitable director(s) & board member(s)
  • Finding the right banking or fintech partner
  • Introduction to best-in-class service partner
  • Incorporation by means of cash or contribution in kind

Besides a good business case, the right licence is required to be able to get started in the financial sector. Not only is a licence necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, holding a licence provides benefits as well. Licensed financial intermediaries enjoy a higher level of trust and are therefore at an advantage over unregulated competitors.

A licence is the gateway to the financial industry.

The licence is the regulatory foundation of the company. The more ambitious the business plan, the stronger the foundation shall be built. Likewise, aspects of the implementation of the requirements should be taken into account.

Getting a licence does not have to be complex or take a long time.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Evaluation whether a licence is required
  • Advice on which licence type or membership suits best
  • Preparation of the licence or membership application
  • Guiding through the application process
  • Fundraising support

Ask us as well for licensing outside of Switzerland.


Sometimes the best way to go seems hidden or burdensome. To avoid taking a wrong turn and having to return, a guide can serve well. Companies that are accompanied by knowledgeable advisors reach their destination faster and can save money and precious time.

Either we find a way or we create one.

The advisers’ job is to keep the big picture in mind and focus on the needs of the company. Establishing consulting products offered for a flat fee creates transparency, prevents endless advice and has the potential to build trust.

A great regulatory foundation is able to carry a big house.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Business case consulting
  • FINMA non-action letter
  • Legal opinion, token classification & prospectus
  • SAFT agreement & contractual documents
  • Regulatory, legal & compliance advice



Compliance goes beyond the fulfilment of regulatory obligations. It creates a structure and determines the processes of a financial intermediary. Keeping the related costs as low as possible without taking (too) high regulatory risks is an art.

If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.

Time is our most important resource and shall be used in a targeted manner. Financial intermediaries who use compliance professionals take advantage of the opportunity to focus on what they love to do and have more time for their customers and a sustainable business development.

We care about your compliance tasks. Because your time is precious.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Compliance analysis, identification of gaps and remediation
  • Optimise and streamline compliance processes
  • AML, KYC & Compliance risk assessment
  • Cross-border compliance
  • Implementation of regulatory changes
  • Outsourcing of compliance function


Risk management is a strategic task. The competence to identify and analyse risks as well as to take appropriate measures is essential. Efficient approaches help not to lose focus and to save costs.

Managing risks is just as important as seizing opportunities.

An experienced risk manager can act as a coach and mentor to help a company make decisive progress in this area. Thanks to a good perspective, stumbling blocks can be identified at an early stage and enable prompt action to be taken.

Identify risks at an early stage and act instead of being forced to react afterwards.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Setting up a comprehensive risk management framework
  • Harmonise risk processes
  • Guide through the risk assessment
  • Design an Internal Control System
  • Outsourcing of risk management function


The implementation of regulatory requirements blocks relevant resources without generating any revenue. Efficiency is therefore key to be able to route these resources to the company’s business offering and development.

Everything that can be digitized shall be digitized.

Compliance specialists will never be fully replaced by software, as regulatory requirements demand individual assessments and a risk-based approach. Nevertheless, there is no reason why the majority of the diligence work could not be automated.

The potential for digitization is huge and far from exhausted.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Analysing regulatory conformity of IT tools
  • Support to implement regulatory requirements
  • Testing & improving of process flows
  • Co-creation of RegTech solution
  • Legal support for IT tools


The chances of a business model to become successful are relevantly increased if the pieces of the puzzle are put together smoothly thanks to the right people working in the right place at the right time.

Get five specialists for the price of one all-rounder.

Efficiency is the key to success. However, quality should not suffer in the process. All-rounders cannot offer the depth and specialists are (too) expensive. Outsourcing is a way to have both, competencies and cost control. Moreover, it saves companies from recruiting and employee care as well as personnel risks.

Expert knowledge is a real booster.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • External AML Officer
  • External Compliance Officer
  • External Risk Manager
  • External Head Risk, Legal and/or Compliance
  • Staff lending to cover shortages


Our most important resource is our employees. However, forward-looking personnel planning is a challenge and sometimes impossible due to strongly fluctuating workloads or unexpected tasks.

Flexible workforce helps to deploy resources in a targeted manner.

Being able to count on external personnel provides a short-term remedy. For medium- and long-term personnel planning, a good recruiting partner who is greatly connected in the industry as well as understands the requirements is truly an asset.

Keeping the costs of suboptimal hiring decisions under control.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Lending of compliance, risk & legal specialists
  • Immediate workforce when needed
  • Flexible workforce with fixed or variable duration
  • Staff recruiting based on expertise and network
  • Recruiting of local board member(s) & director(s)


Knowledge increases when it’s shared. Especially when it comes to new topics and trends, an exchange of knowledge is key. Together, we move the industry forward and help each other to get the best out of ourselves.

Combining experience and knowledge leads to efficient solutions.

Experience and knowledge should be in balance. Those who have a lot of experience but little knowledge become operationally blind, those who know a lot but have little experience do not find efficient solutions.

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel as long as we know how to build it.

The JayBee Service Offer includes in particular

  • Board and executive information sessions
  • Training in fintech & crypto
  • Training in regulatory, compliance & risk management
  • Training in cross-border regulation
  • Lectures at universities and other educational institutions


We simplify regulatory processes to empower our clients to fulfil their vision.

Time is precious

Time is precious. That’s why JayBee experts take on regulatory and compliance work and support our clients increasing their efficiency. We do the legwork, while our clients can focus entirely on shaping their future. The JayBee service offering is designed to maximize the impact of our regulatory and compliance activities. Our flat fee approach in addition provides a great level of transparency and cost control.